SDSCA - Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Professional Membership:

Professional members must hold a Master's degree or higher in counseling or a substantial equivalent.
These members must also meet one or more of the following:

  • Be credentialed as a school counselor by the state.
  • Be employed as a school counselor or supervisor of school counselors.
  • Be employed as a counselor educator in a graduate program that prepares school counselors.

Retired Membership:

Members in retirement shall have all of the privileges of Professional membership.

Student Membership:

A Student Member must be engaged in a planned program of counselor education designed to result in a Masters degree or higher in Counseling. Once the student receives their degree in counseling, he or she must become a Professional Member. Student Members shall have all of the privileges of Professional membership.

Affiliate Membership:

Individuals interested in counseling and are not eligible for any other membership may become Affiliate Members.

Allied Membership:

Corporations or business interested in supporting the goals of SDSCA may become Allied Members.